Rechargeable fan


This unique fan is all u need to maintain a favorable temperature during this heat season




  • 7200 mAh super power capacity
  • foldable and desktop, ground integrated.¬†
  • ultra long endurance, up to 24 hours.
  • support four speed wind regulation.
  • 180 reverse wind direction adjustment.
  • product name: storage fan
  • product model: p9
  • product size: 197*197*93cm folded
  • working hours:: 5-24 hours
  • charging time: 4.5 hours¬†
  • charging voltage: DC 5v/2A
  • working wind speed:2.3-4.0m/s

The rechargeable fan solves the problem of heat and you comfort in this season of heat

It is rechargeable and has the ability to last for 12 hours when charged it is very portable and it’s foldable.

It can serve as a table fan and a standing fan.

You can afford to miss This super powerful rechargeable foldable fan for yourself, your family and your love ones

NOTE: that this rechargeable fan only comes with a USB cord and not with the charging head.

It doesn’t have a remove control

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